In order to maintain the quality of your swimwear, please follow these care instructions:

  • Our 100% neoprene collections are made of high quality neoprene materials, but please note, this fabric can crease and mark very easily, which often cannot be recovered.
  • Please store your neoprene swimsuit in a flat position. These should not be folded, if creases do form in your swimwear these may decrease over time.
  • After a day of swimming in chlorine or salt water, swimwear should be hand washed in cold water. Never tumble dry.
  • Although our fabric is very resilient extended exposure to UV rays may effect the overall tone/brightness of the coloured fabric.
  • ALL truKini swimwear should be hand washed in cold water & never tumble dried.
  • In order to keep our bikinis bright & beautiful, we have used the most vibrant fabrics. So some dye may leak during the first few hand washes, please wash alone. 
  • Do not be alarmed- this will not effect the overall tone or colour of the suit. 
  • Please do not iron any of our swimwear.