Posted on by Angie Aspeck

Have you ever arrived at your vacation spot and realized you somehow managed to forget some of your most important items? I know I have! And it’s the worst feeling ever.

Vacation is supposed to be relaxing and you don’t want to spend the first part of your arrival day scrambling to find stores that would sell these items for a REASONABLE price. (This can sometimes be impossible!!)

Make sure to remember to pack these vacay essentials:

✈ Coconut oil! This can work as a very nourishing makeup remover, can moisturize the skin after long days spent in the sun, and can even help you get a more even tan! 

✈ Waterproof makeup!! This one is important if you are like me and still like to wear some makeup while relaxing on the beach. My go to mascara for beach days is Marcelle’s waterproof clear top coat. This lets you wear your regular makeup while just applying this on top. And it’s a bonus that its also hypoallergenic. ** 

✈ BIKINIS!! Who can travel without the perfect kini to make you feel great on the beach? If you are anything like me, I usually pack a different one for every day that I am away. Yes, I know this is a little excessive! ;) But I can’t help myself! No one likes putting on a damp bikini the next day anyways right? Make sure to grab some of our lovely bikinis or one pieces to bring with you on your next adventure!

✈ A comfy sweater! Okay okay, I know this one sounds super weird for a tropical vacation… but the amount of times I have been at a resort where you can’t adjust the air conditioning or it is stuck on a freezing cold temperature is insane! This can make for a very uncomfortable sleep, especially if you're sunburnt. A sweater is the last thing you would think of for your tropical vacation, but try to bring one to keep you from freezing when you are back in your room!

✈ TOWELS! Yes, most hotels and resorts do offer beach or pool towels in your hotel room, but you can never be sure! So it’s always best to pack one just in case. I know towels can be heavy and take up a lot of space in your luggage but at Trukini wea re happy to offer a lightweight sand & water resistant option! Make sure to check out our beach blankets, they have amazing patterns, keep your comfortable, and help make your beach day Instagram ready!

✈ SUNSCREEN. This should be your first thought when you’re packing but it can be easy to forget! And if you have ever forgot sunscreen or ran out of it while you were away you know first hand just how overpriced it is if you have to purchase it from your resort or from a local store! So it’s always best to pack extra and different SPF’s according to where you will be. 

✈ DON’T FORGET LIP BALM. Listen up ladies & gents this is an important one! Lip balm can be extremely hard to find at your tropical location. We all know that we should drink more water and stay hydrated while on the beach, but that doesn’t always happen. Lip balm can help bring the moisture back into your lips, prevent cracking, and if you get one with an SPF you can avoid sun burnt lips! OUCH.

Anyways babes, this might be your first or your twentieth vacation, regardless, it can be easy to forget the simple things. So make check lists, pack ahead of time, and go through everything the day before to make sure it’s all there. (Even if you’re sure it is.)

Safe travels! Enjoy some sunshine. Xoxo ❤ ❤