Posted on by Angie Aspeck

New year, new me??? Let's be honest, it doesn't have to be a new you!! But sometimes it makes us feel better knowing we have a goal in mind to work towards during the year!

The best thing you can do is make your goals for 2018 as realistic as possible. (If you have any, it's okay if you don't!) This is the best thing you can do to keep yourself from feeling let down if you set your goals WAY too high. Setting realistic goals can be hard to do when you don't know where to start! 

Here are few easy goals for 2018! 

✨ Get some sleep!! If you are anything like me, your health, energy, and mood is HUGELY affected by the amount of sleep you are getting. You might not be getting enough sleep, or maybe you sleep too much? This one is easy to work on and your body will thank you! Once you get yourself into a proper routine and sleep pattern, your body adjusts and you should notice a difference right away! I usually try to get a full 7-8 hours & don't take naps!

✨ Eat more greens! I recently made this change and have noticed the change in my skin, my energy levels, my hair, and even my mood. I had convinced myself that I didn't like most veggies for a very long time! Which is weird to think that now I LOVE them. haha! But if you aren't a fan of the green stuff, just add them into any fruit smoothie! You won't taste them and you will still get the nutrients you need. Spinach is an easy taste to cover up ;) 

✨Complete one money saving goal!! Maybe you want to go on a trip, maybe you want a new purse, or a new bikini??;) Give yourself a set amount that you want to save for and start working towards it! This is super easy to do now that online banking offers automatic monthly withdrawals into savings!! Set this up and you won't even notice the money going until its time to make your big purchase! 

✨ Make your coffee at home. The amount of money we spend at Starbucks, Second Cup, etc. is insane! Making coffee at home will probably take less time than waiting in line for your drink would and it will cost WAY less. Most coffee places also add a lot of things to their lattes, macchiatos, etc. that aren't good for you, so making it at home lets you know exactly what goes into your drink! 

These are all very realistic and pretty simple to complete. Take everything one step at a time and try making lists for small steps you can take to make this year better than last.

Don't stress over your resolutions!! They can be no big deal. ;) 

Goodluck this year xox