Posted on by Angie Aspeck

So many of us are trying to achieve that perfect tanned look, especially during the summer months or before your big tropical vacation!

I want to share with you how you can try to speed up the tanning process and some of my favourite tricks to achieve an even tan!


COCONUT OIL, coconut oil, coconut oil!! 

☼ This stuff is basically magical! Not only does it leave your skin feeling insanely smooth and moisturized, it also enhances your tanning capabilities! I find the best one to use is raw/virgin organic coconut oil. You can find this almost anywhere.

☼ Coconut oil quickly activates the melanin in your skin to create a tanned look without having to spend so much time in the sun. This can be a huge benefit for people who can’t lounge on the beach for as long!

☼ Although coconut oil does not provide any SPF protection, (I recommend still using your fav SPF prior) it keeps your skin so moisturized that it can form a protective layer, which fights against peeling from too much UV exposure.

☼ Our beach blankets are so great to keep the sand off your moisturized skin! Malibu is my favourite style.


☼ Wow, wow, wow! I love these products. If you are looking to get a little more out of your tanning oil this is my go to brand! They are an Australian company but they ship world wide.

☼ Bali Body offers a wide range of tanning oils: Cacao Tanning Oil, Watermelon Tanning Oil, and Natural Tanning Body Oil. And it’s a huge bonus that all of their products are Vegan friendly!

☼ My personal fav is their watermelon oil tanner! This product is said to be the one to use if you want to achieve the darkest tan possible. (Which obviously I do!) This one is also an SPF6.

☼ Big surprise!! They use coconut oil in so many of their tanning products. ;)

☼ My favourite bikinis for hours spent lounging on the would have to be our Darién & Catalan styles, their minimal coverage allows for way less annoying tan lines!


☼ Aloe Vera gel, lotion, or juice direct from the aloe leaf has got to be my go to for all my after sun needs! I find it so refreshing, cooling, and overall just soothes my skin that can sometimes be dry from a day on the beach.

☼ Aloe Vera products can be found in local grocery stores, health stores, and beauty stores. It is very easy to find! My favourites tend to be aloe & coconut combo lotions, to keep me moisturized and smelling super beachy!

☼ I know some of you may be allergic to Aloe which can make it tough to find products that work for you. Another great product is Vitamin E gel! I find this has most of the same effects as the aloe products I have tried.

☼ Lastly, always remember to moisturize and exfoliate after sun exposure. This keeps your skin smooth and free of any flaking!