Posted on by Angie Aspeck

Okay I want to start by saying that you can obviously wear ANY style of swimsuit you want as long as you feel comfortable and confident in it! We are all made differently and feel confident in different styles.
From my personal experience and from working in the fashion retail industry, I know how hard it can be to decide on a swimsuit that will be flattering on your specific body. So in an attempt to help, this post will be focusing mainly on bottom styles, since everyone has their own preference for top coverage and fit! 


SO happy this style has become popular again. You either love it or you hate it and I LOVE it! Our most high waisted style is our Koro bikini. This style features bottoms that cover the lower half of your stomach which in my opinion can be flattering on ANY body type! This is paired with a classic strapless top. The high waisted bottoms can cover any unwanted stomach bloat and hugs the body in all the right places! This provides an hour glass silhouette that is soo gorgeous! 

We also have some bikinis that reflect the 80's V-cut style swimwear. These are super versatile and are intended to be worn high above your hip bones which is flattering on any curvy body type, but can also be worn lower if you prefer the look of it below your hips. If worn above the hips this can give an hour glass shape even if you aren't super curvy! Our V-cut bottoms are available in these styles: Bali, Baltic, Davao, Paria. Each of these styles bottoms provide different coverage noted in the product description as well as different style bikini tops, with lots of options for what suits you best. They range from a more sporty look to minimal coverage triangle tops! 

This is one of the most common bottom styles that can work well on a few different body types! Some people are more comfortable in low waisted styles since they hug the smaller part of the hip area. This style is to be worn below your hips. This can highlight your body's natural shape! If you have a more rectangular shape / smaller hips and want to make them stand out more this style is great! However if you have larger hips and don't want to bring attention to them I would not overly recommend this style, unless you know you are comfortable in it! Some of our lovely low waisted styles are: Bohai, Darien, and Catalan. These all have triangle bikini tops! Our Odessa and Aden styles also feature low waisted bottoms and a bra and bandeau style top. 

This one is also making a come back!! One piece swimwear looks amazing on ANY body type. Since there is more fabric to cover any imperfections it holds your entire body in place and creates an hourglass shape. Our two one piece styles Kara and Sulu, both have high leg cuts. Our Kara has an open back and a little more coverage with removable padding and can be worn above or below the hips, depending how high you pull the suit up. And our Sulu has a deep V neckline, no removable padding, low cut sides, and an open back! This suit is meant to be worn higher on the hips to show off all the curves! It is seamless and super comfortable, but does not offer bust support so you need to keep that in mind when deciding on a style! Either of these would be great on any body type, it all depends on what level of coverage and support you are looking for. 


CURVY, ROUND, PEAR, TRIANGLE: Go for high waisted, it will highlight all the right areas and show off your curves! 

RECTANGLE, INVERTED TRIANGLE, DIAMOND, APPLE: Go for the low waisted styles to give your body more shape and keep you feeling comfortable!

I know this has probably sounded very back and forth, but it is SOO hard to explain what will look best. All in all, you know your body, you know your comfort level, and you know your style!
As long as you are feeling confident, you are going to look amazing. xoxo