Posted on by Angie Aspeck

Okaaaay, so we all know that life can get pretty hectic over the holidays! And even though you mean to take time for yourself that can sometimes seem impossible to do.

This list will give you 5 EASY ways that you can find time for a little self care, between all the running around. All of these may seem pretty straight forward & a lot of it is common sense... but like I said it's easy to forget to do the little things for yourself. So here's a friendly reminder!! TAKE A BREAK. 

Number One: 

Read something. No I don't mean text messages or facebook posts, I mean buy a magazine, read some poetry, open that book you put down 6 months ago! It can help relax your mind and give you a little break from reality! Even if you only have time to do this before bed, I find reading can help me go to sleep quicker. 

Number Two: 

Try yoga!! Yes I know, not everyone is super flexible but you really don't have to be! If you've never tried it, you can even look up a quick yoga tutorial for beginners on youtube. You can find some that are as short as 5 minutes long, incase you don't have a lot of extra time. I always feel so much more relaxed afterwards... it makes your muscles feel like jello! ;) This is great for your body, especially if you have been tense throughout the holidays. 

Number Three: 

Turn on your favourite playlist and run yourself a hot bubble bath. You deserve it!! Take some time to chill. This one will also help your muscles recover from all the holiday fun. Throw in some lavender epsom salts and relax. ALSO you can incorporate Number One in this tip by bringing a book with you to the tub! ;) 

Number Four

Do a QUICK de-clutter. This one might sound weird but if you are anything like me... when my surroundings are messy, busy, and hectic, that is exactly how I end up feeling! It's easy for your space to get like this over the holidays, so take a few minutes to get rid of empty boxes, wrapping paper, and properly put away any gifts! You will feel way better when it's done and it won't feel as overwhelming. 

Number Five 

DETOX. It's easier than it sounds! We all know that it is easy to gorge on foods you don't normally eat over the holidays, and this can leave you feeling sluggish and bloated. Make yourself a meal, smoothie, or treat that has some detoxifying ingredients in it! Something that is rich with veggies and antioxidants! Smoothies or detox waters are definitely the easiest way to get all these things into your system in one shot. You will feel refreshed and your body with appreciate the extra nutrients! TIP: Add lemon to anything, it helps with digestion! 

Anyways loves, this is just a few ways to help you keep calm during this busy time of year! I hope you guys take some time to relax and enjoy your holidays. xox